We Care

To the Batson-Cook Family,

These past few months, and in particular these past few days, have been hard-hitting for many. As the leader of our Company I think it is important to be clear about who we are, what we stand for and what we will not tolerate. Let me begin with our first Core Value.

We care about people, all people; our Batson-Cook colleagues, our clients, and our trade partners. We care about their safety and the positive results from the work that we do together.

In times like these we must stand firm on the values that make us a great company. Because Batson-Cook Construction is a company built on valuing everyone, we believe the best ideas come forward when everyone is free to share. We stand for inclusivity. We stand against any and all forms of racism. We appreciate and respect all people equally. Period. 

Right now, as you’ve probably seen firsthand, many people in our country are hurting, and Batson-Cook Construction stands by them. We are here to help build a better community and tomorrow.

We have coined the phrase Stronger-Together over the recent months and now, more than ever, we must practice what we preach. Lets all do our part.

Thank you,

Randy Hall

President | CEO