Trade Partners

The success of Batson-Cook depends on partnerships that include a strong trade partner network. 

In order to create and preserve this network, we have developed this easy-access portal.  Here you can find essential information about our Bid List Form, Trade Partner Qualification Statement, and mandatory Trade Partner Forms.  We encourage you to download and review our Standard Trade Partner Forms, Trade Partner Insurance Requirements, and Sample Insurance Certificates.

  • Trade Partner Qualifications Form – This form must be completed in order to receive a subcontract with Batson-Cook.  Please note that this form must be renewed at a minimum of once per year in order to maintain qualified status.  It is possible that you will be asked to complete this form more frequently in accordance with project requirements. Clicking the link will take you to a BuildingConnected, a free bid solicitation software. This is an electronic form and can be completed in your browser.
  • Required Subcontract Form - If your company responds to an invitation to bid a project as a Trade Partner to Batson-Cook, you will be deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions of the Batson-Cook Company Standard Subcontract unless a modification of such terms has been agreed to in writing by Batson-Cook prior to your responding to the invitation to bid. Copies of the Batson-Cook Standard Subcontract and other mandatory documentation are available in the Downloads Box.  

How does it work?

  • Trade Partner Qualification Statement – Batson-Cook requires that you complete this form so that we may more thoroughly evaluate your qualifications. When asked to do so, please provide all information required by the form and submit it to the Batson-Cook office with which you wish to do business.