Warranty & Close-out

Batson-Cook's success over a century is based upon exceeding client satisfaction and building strong, lasting relationships. An important factor in this is providing exceptional warranty service. Batson-Cook will be here to respond to issues and stand behind their work during the warranty period.

As construction manager, our job is not complete when construction ends, and you occupy your facility.


Batson-Cook will provide a complete book of all standard and extended warranties upon closeout including contact information for the Batson-Cook Warranty Manager and a responsible trade contractor list. Typically, in the last few weeks of the job, a meeting between the Contractor, Architect, and Owner (involving the person in charge of Operations and Maintenance) will clarify the procedures for handling warranty complaints. 

Generally, our warranty service plan is implemented by the Owner’s representative filling out the Warranty Service Request form upon finding an issue. The form should provide as much information as possible to help communicate the issue to the responsible party.  The completed form and any other pertinent information such as photos are sent directly to the appropriate trade with a copy to the Batson-Cook’s Warranty Manager.  If there is any question as to who the responsible party is the form is sent directly to the Batson-Cook Warranty Manager who will distribute the form to the appropriate party.  The Batson-Cook Warranty Manager will keep track of the issue and document it in the Warranty Response Log.  Communication will be maintained with the Owner’s representative as often as necessary to track and discuss any open items.  Upon completion of the item the Owner’s representative will verify and sign the Warranty Request form documenting the work to be complete and satisfactory.


Batson-Cook’s experience has shown us that regardless how successful the preconstruction and construc­tion phases proceed, if a project cannot be closed-out in a timely manner, all previous efforts are lost in the frustration of trying to finalize the project once and for all.

We begin with the end in mind. We monitor the quality of construction on an on-going basis to eliminate an extensive punch list at the end of the project. We maintain as-built drawings during construction and collect operations and maintenance manuals in a timely manner. We coordinate training sessions with your engineering staff to educate them in the use and maintenance of the building’s systems and equipment and follow up with additional training prior to the end of the warranty period to confirm these systems are performing as designed. For all future concerns or ques­tions that may arise, Batson-Cook will remain your single source contact for coordinating the resolution of all items.