Quality Assurance

Batson-Cook has developed and maintained a reputation for uncompromising adherence to levels of quality set forth in the contract documents.  Each individual on our project team takes pride in delivering a product whose quality meets or exceeds the expectations of the client.  

Quality assurance begins with the selection of qualified trade subcontractors.  Batson-Cook utilizes a customized Subcontractor Pre-Qualification process to ensure the best value for the owner and the project.

The quality assurance process continues with providing clear construction documents, pre-bid meetings, preconstruction meetings, thorough subcontractor review and approval, effective supervision of installation, management and documentation of corrective actions, and finally, a proactive process for monitoring and managing warranty issues.

The following procedures have been implemented on all Batson-Cook projects in recent years.  They will be customized to meet each job’s unique requirements to ensure the team’s quality goals are achieved.

  • During the early stages of project planning, Batson-Cook will chair a pre-construction conference with the architect and owner’s representatives to establish quality standards.
  • A master schedule will be prepared, phasing owner, agency and design completion dates to allow adequate time to plan, obtain approvals and construct the project to the expected quality level.
  • Following pre-qualification of subcontractors, but prior to executing subcontracts, meetings will be held with each firm to confirm their complete understanding of the quality requirements.
  • Prior to commencing any work in the field, our supervisory staff, principals of each subcontracting firm and on-site foremen directly responsible for installation, will agree to the means and methods of construction required to attaining the desired quality.
  • Shop drawings and submittals will be carefully reviewed for compliance to the contract documents.
  • When applicable, mock-up will be constructed using specified materials installed by representative subcontractors.  These mock-ups, after approval for workmanship, become the standard by which all future work will be judged.
  • Work inspections are conducted as soon as practical and continued on a regularly scheduled basis.  As disciplines near completion, a “pre-punch list” inspection is performed to minimize the time required to close out the project.
  • Systems checks are performed at appropriate intervals to confirm proper functioning of all equipment and interfacing of trades.  Operations and Maintenance manuals will be delivered to the owner prior to establishing training sessions for his operational personnel.
  • Our in-house MEP Coordinator will provide and supervise a commissioning process that will verify that all automatically controlled building systems and all manually controlled operating systems are performing as intended and as desired by the design team.

Before Batson-Cook leaves the job site, you can be assured that all punchlist work will be completed, Operation and Maintenance Manuals delivered, owner’s personnel training concluded, and an organized program to address warranty issues will be in place.