UT Southwestern Medical Center

Batson-Cook has completed multiple renovation projects on the UTSW campus, including:

  • Internal Medicine Renovation (Charles Sprague Building)
  • Tissue Culture Lab (Green Research Building)
  • K4.500 Pediatric Remodel (Jonsson Building)
  • 1.474 R&F Equipment Room Build-Out (Clements University Hospital)
  • 1.475 Multi-Purpose Room Build-Out (Clements University Hospital)
  • 1.447 X-Ray Room Build-Out (Clements University Hospital)
  • Building Canopy (Clements University Hospital)
  • NB9.112 Freezer/Cooler Expansion (In Progress)
  • J5.136 Phase 2 Renovation (Moss Clinical Science Building)
  • Parking Lot #17 Expansion
  • Fiber Optic Cabling Projects (2)
  • West Canopy and Drainage
  • Barn Door Renovations
  • Materials Management Renovation
  • Zale Hospital Pharmacy Renovation

Dallas, Texas