Thompson Elementary School

  • A new 90,000-square-foot elementary school with 1,050 student stations.
  • The facility consists of five buildings: administration/media center; multi-purpose spaces; and three, two-story classroom buildings.
  • Two classroom buildings serve as EHPA facilities.
  • This is the school district's first LEED® Gold certified prototype school.
    • The new school features durable and low-maintenance dyed concrete floors, a reflective roof, and an energy-efficient heating and cooling system.
    • Shoebox-sized windows are located on east and west sides of the building to limit the sun's direct rays; picture frame-sized windows on other sides take advantage of natural lighting.
    • Florida-friendly plants were used in the landscaping around the campus.
    • Waterless urinals were also incorporated to save water and money.

Ruskin, FL

School District of Hillsborough County | Tampa, FL

Wilder Architecture | Tampa, FL