Museum of Science and Industry (1995-2005)

Omniphase Addition (1995)

Final Contract Cost: $21,753,855
Current Value: $40,027,093

Antonie Predock Architect | Albuquerque, NM
RBK Architects | Tampa, FL

  • This 130,000-square-foot, four-story addition made the Museum of Science and Industry the largest science museum in the South.
  • A 353-seat OMNIMAX Theater located within a 104-foot diameter precast concrete sphere covered with blue curved stainless-steel panels was included in the project. A pedestrian walkway spirals around the sphere to a vantage point at the top.
  • The facility includes traveling and permanent exhibit spaces, auditorium, cafe, gift shop, library, and offices for staff and executives.
  • The exterior was constructed using white, poured-in-place concrete walls, sloped aluminum roofs with precast pavers, landscaping over a stainless-steel roof, and a custom aluminum panel pyramid-shaped wing topped with a three-sided skylight.

Museum of Science and Industry Kids in Charge! Children’s Science Center (2005)

Final Contract Cost: $5,624,484
Current Value: $7,818,033
Architect: Robbins, Bell and Kreher Architects | Tampa, FL

  • This 25,000-square-foot science facility and park adjacent to the Museum of Science and Industry included exhibit space, office areas, two party rooms, and space for a future planetarium and a future flight simulator.
  • The building consists of structural steel with stucco exterior walls, significant use of curtain wall systems on two sides, and a standing seam metal roof supported on exposed steel joists.
  • Kids in Charge! emphasizes how science is connected to most everything in daily life and demonstrates that skills for “doing science” are the same as those for living and working in any discipline. Exhibits and learning centers cover three main themes: Activate, Investigate, and Create.

Owner: Museum of Science and Industry Foundation, Inc. | Tampa, FL
Final Contract Costs: $27,384,339
Current Value: $47,845,126

Tampa, FL