Mint Museum

  • Batson-Cook performed CM/GC services for this 180,000-square-foot museum in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • The building contains exhibition, educational, administrative, and support space to exhibit and store collections of American Art, Contemporary Art, and Contemporary Craft. 
  • The Museum's five-story concrete and steel structure was designed to support a 35-story condominium tower above it, which presented unique challenges throughout construction.
  • The exterior skin consists of EIFS, glass, and concrete pre-cast. 

Charlotte, NC

Wachovia Corporation | Charlotte, NC

Clark Patterson Associates | Charlotte, NC

“Often, companies and their employees are driven by the urge to speak what they want to hear. Here at Batson-Cook, everyone is encouraged to stop, pause, and first listen to what others must say or what others want to hear. We are inspired to spend energy putting ourselves in other’s shoes - what is their perspective, what are their concerns, etc. This has changed the way Batson-Cook delivers services and has set us apart from the rest.”

Kalpana Marothu
Assistant Project Manager

Meet Eric Hnyla

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