Lockheed Martin

Batson-Cook constructed approximately $20 million worth of projects on Lockheed Martin’s Marietta campus over a three-year period, including:

HAZMAT Storage

  • A 55,000-square-foot hazardous material storage facility that was designed to receive and store material bi-products from the aircraft manufacturing process for proper disposal.
  • The facility included warehouse storage as well as a freezer for the sub-zero temperature storage of hazardous materials.

Air Vehicle Integration Facility (AVIF)

  • This building serves as a product development and training/testing facility for the F-22 jet plane.
  • The scope of work consisted of a 50,000-square-foot, highly-classified operation building that included base building conference centers and a central energy plant.
  • An FM-200 fire suppression system was installed in addition to fiber optics which link the facility to other buildings located on the Lockheed campus.
  • Employee security clearance and project confidentiality requirements were a high priority.
  • The facility featured state-of-the-art security with cameras, card access readers, sensing devices, and spin dials located throughout the building.

Entrance Renovation

  • This project included upgrades to the facility entrance, including a check-in area for visitors, and featured state-of-the-art security with cameras, card access readers, and sensing devices.

Marietta, GA

Lockheed Martin | Marietta, GA

Architect: HAZMAT Storage
Parsons Engineering Science | Norcross, GA

Architect: Air Vehicle Integration Facility (AVIF)
Giffels Associates | Norcross, GA

Architect: Entrance Renovation
Fluor Daniel, Inc. | Greenville, SC