Education Construction

With nearly half a century of experience, Batson-Cook has a notable reputation within education circles as a General Contractor that exceeds at assisting clients achieve project goals and delivers on obligations, without exception, every time. From renovating facilities to building new schools from the ground up, we work with the students in mind, knowing that the next-generation learning spaces we construct will enable their success.

When it comes to K-12 education construction, we understand the importance of keeping students safe, building trust, committing to established time frames, collaborating with school boards and committees, and the impact a successful school project can have on the community. We care because we are stakeholders in the community too.

For higher education construction opportunities, consider us a committed construction partner of choice who will perform, develop state-of-the-art facilities, and stay in contact with institutions long after the close of a project.

Most importantly, we know what works - and does not work - on education construction projects and are committed to success. We have collaborated on multiple projects with repeat clients in the education sector, ranging from a few years to more than two dozen.

K-12 Education Construction at Batson-Cook

We are recognized as a contractor who takes everything into consideration when approaching education construction projects.

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