Chattahoochee River Restoration

  • Restoration of the Chattahoochee River to its natural and unrestricted flow.
  • This project created the world’s largest urban whitewater course, providing a venue for recreational activities such as kayaking, tubing, rafting, and river surfing.
  • Construction activities included:
    • Breaching of the 130-year-old Eagle and Phenix Dam, removal of the City Mills Dam, and formation of natural habitat pools.
    • Construction of a boat launch, viewing terrace, and pedestrian bridge.
    • Construction of the Alabama and Georgia Channels to include entrance sills, insert sills, whitewater sills, and a Wave Shaper TM in the Georgia Channel. 

Columbus, GA

Uptown Columbus, Inc. | Columbus, GA

McLaughlin Whitewater Design Group | Denver, CO