Baptist Health Baptist Medical Center East Post-Partum Bed Wing Vertical Expansion

  • 33,674 vertical expansion consists of the construction of a 3rd floor Postpartum patient bed wing and a 4th floor shelled bed floor to be constructed over an occupied existing 2nd floor Postpartum bed wing.
  • This vertical expansion is being carried out while the 2nd floor bed wing remains fully occupied.
  • The unit includes 26 Postpartum bedrooms and ancillary support spaces including waiting room and public restrooms, staff planning room and lounge, nurse managers office, staff locker space, nurse administration station, chart workroom and physician dictation, medication preparation, nourishment rooms, patient charting alcoves and, a patient and family dayroom.
  • Mechanical, electrical, and IT rooms will be provided to support the patient floor as well as required life safety, medical gas, and egress components.
  • The 4th floor will be constructed as a shell space.

Montgomery, AL

Baptist Medical Center East | Montgomery, AL

Sims Architectural Studio| Birmingham,