Batson-Cook Construction Tops Out New Duke Energy Plaza in Uptown

Filed in News on August 19, 2021

Charlotte, N.C. (August 19, 2021) – Batson-Cook Construction is proud to announce the construction team working on the Duke Energy Plaza, which will serve as Duke Energy’s new corporate headquarters, has reached a major milestone by pouring the last concrete floor on top of the building and has reached its highest level.

“Batson-Cook is proud to be enhancing the Charlotte skyline with this beautiful structure,” said Curt Rigney, senior vice president and general manager – Charlotte. “This is an exciting project to work on, and we’re proud of the team for reaching this milestone and keeping everyone safe during the pandemic.” Batson-Cook has had its hand in building many of the high-rises in Uptown Charlotte, including the Duke Energy Center.

Located in uptown Charlotte, this one-million-square-foot, 40-story building will also include a 500,000-square-foot, seven-level, above-ground parking deck. The project broke ground in the summer of 2019 and utilized a form work system that climbed with the structure, one quadrant at a time, to create concrete forms. The schedule that the team has established allows them to turn a 25,000-square-foot floor every week on the tower. Once a floor had been poured, the hydraulic lifting system rose the frame up to the next level and prepared for the next form. A system like this improved efficiency, reduced time spent lifting the frame from level to level, and improved the team’s safety performance. The office tower has a unique tube structure design that combines traditional cast-in-place concrete with precast double tees. Upon completion, the Duke Energy Plaza will be the second-tallest building in the world that utilizes this design.


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