Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Our first core value perfectly encapsulates the importance of diversity and inclusion at Batson-Cook Construction: We care about people, all people, and the positive results from the work we do together. We respect their knowledge and experience, and the unique perspective they bring to our company. As a business, inclusivity will lead to the exchange of critical thought and higher employee engagement, which in turn will drive innovation on our job sites and further cultivate a positive work environment.

Batson-Cook has created a diversity, equity and inclusion program called Equation. When developing the name of the group, we merged three key terms that encompass the focus of our efforts: EQUity, Awareness and AcTION.

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We pledge that at Batson-Cook inclusion is the STANDARD. We pledge to make sure that everyone at Batson-Cook is afforded equal access to resources and opportunities, and that we will support everyone who desires to grow in the company. 


We strive to educate our employees and trade partners to make sure that everyone feels seen and heard, and we all can grow from learning about each other’s differences and appreciating them.


We want to create a culture of inclusion and align ourselves with organizations that share our mission to promote diversity and inclusion, and we want to be an example of a company that does more than talk about the issues; we take ACTION.


Our intent is to create a culture where everyone is seen and heard, and encouraged to grow personally and professionally in the company.

Ultimately, our goal is for Batson-Cook to be a company that not just acknowledges diversity, equity and inclusion; but also a company that models these ideologies to our employees, trade partners and clients through internal awareness, recruiting and hiring, and outreach to our local communities and trade partners.