Safety Program

Everyone at Batson-Cook “owns” safety. Every employee takes safety personally, from being committed to working safely to suggesting ways to continuously improve our safety practices, whether in the field or office. 

Our President/CEO, Randy Hall, established the importance of developing and maintaining a safety culture. It starts with our corporate Safety Department, led by a Certified Safety Professionals. They are experienced, well-trained, and have the resources required to effectively administer all necessary programs. Division managers and superintendents act as champions for safety and have played a crucial role in the advancement of our safety culture. Field supervisory personnel set the tone for safety in jobsite operations and understand their critical role in delivering any and all safety messages to each worker. Field employees communicate safety concerns and lend their experience to daily safety plan procedures.

Key elements of our safety program focus on planning at the project level, daily crew level, and individual worker level. At the start of any project, an extensive preconstruction safety planning session is held to formulate a site-specific safety plan. Safe Start meetings are required for each trade partner during which safety issues for their work are identified and addressed. Daily job hazard analysis/pre-work safety meetings are held with each crew at the start of the day. Craft workers have daily task books in which they log upcoming daily activities and associated hazards. Together, these planning processes help everyone anticipate hazards and keep all personnel focused on safe working procedures.

Batson-Cook’s most recent safety directives and initiatives aimed at further enhancing our safety culture include:

  • Site-Specific Safety Training Plans
  • Podium Ladders and Ladder Permits
  • Suspended Loads Policy
  • Rigging Identification
  • Safety Committee Program
  • Safety Incentive Program