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Shooting clays, shucking oysters and shaking hands were the order of the day at the second annual Florida Healthcare Engineering Association’s Clay Shoot and Pig Roast sponsored by Batson-Cook on Friday, November 7, at Bradford Sportsmen’s Farm.   More than 100 people attended the event, which began with an afternoon shoot that was followed by an oyster roast, a pig roast buffet, prizes and awards – and lots of merriment!



FHEA is an organization for healthcare engineering professionals and supporting industry members.  Our own Ed Varnes, vice president of business development / healthcare in Florida who holds an office in FHEA’s District II, spear-headed the inaugural event last year and brought it to Batson-Cook when he joined our ranks in late August.

Representatives from multiple hospital facilities across the Northeast Florida region, along with contractors, trade partners and vendors, received a healthy dose of Batson-Cook Jacksonville hospitality!