Giving Back

On a day that laid a foundation for hope, Okland/Batson-Cook joined the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) at Southeastern Regional Medical Center in a Blessing Ceremony.

Held to begin the 100-day countdown to the opening of the center, scheduled for August 15, 2012, the event was marked with prayers, participation and plans. Blessing Ceremony attendees were invited to write blessings, scripture and prayers on the bare floor, soon to be covered in carpet.  Their thoughts will be lifted up to each individual who walks through the doors.

As a concrete reminder of the optimism of CTCA, Okland/Batson-Cook placed the Beam of Hope.  This beam, signed by attendees of the groundbreaking nine months ago, was filled with inspirational and encouraging words for future patients and their families. 

“It’s amazing,” states CTCA patient Ginny Walley, “that there are a lot of blessings on this floor for the people who are going to be walking through these doors.”

The ceremony, filled with hope and optimism for the future, may be viewed HERE.